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Guess who?

'Oh Chase, you're amazing and, like, the best, like, most amazing friend, like, ever. I'm totally, like, so lucky to know you.'

Oh you flatter me. It's true, I know. Or at least, that's what you should have written about me. Saying I can't cope without you totally breaks my heart just isn't very polite. And you're younger than me, so you should be the five year old in that picture. Too bad I'm not. Everyone knows girls are more mature than boys, and generally have better hair. ~T

So, you know what's fun when you've been left all on your lonesome in someone else's room? Going through their stuff. Silly Kitty, D: Do not call me that. ~T did you really think it was a good idea leaving your journal somewhere so easy to find? Either that or you really need help learning to hide things before you go to Hogwarts.

Anyway, this needs hiding before you get back. I'll admire your reaction from a long way out of kicking range if at all possible. I'M KICKING YOU AND WRITING IN THIS JOURNAL AT THE SAME TIME, CHASE. HOW DOES IT FEEL, HUH? HUH? TELL ME. ~T

'xoxo' (seriously?) Chase

Bought a new pair of boots.

Can't wait to try them out. The only question is, who'll be my first victim? Food for thought.

Stay tuned to find out,
xoxo Tabi

Is it September yet?

So, like, it's really boring in this house. Elliot and Ethan are regular prats, Mum is always going on dates with strange old men, and Darby doesn't fold my clothes fast enough. Even with magic.

Chase is off at school, with Clive. I don't know how he's been accepted to Hogwarts already, after all--sure, his body may be eleven years old, but he's a right five year-old when it comes down to it. Plus, he can't accomplish anything without me around, maybe he'll finally realize that now.

I've been visiting the Grinnells apartment lately, only because Mum told me specifically not to go. Harry's still weird as ever, him and that dumb toad...

Well, I think that's about it for now. Oh, I met this girl named Imogen at Diagon Alley the other day! I think we're going to be good friends. She'll be attending Hogwarts in the fall, too.

Too much rambling! Bed is calling my name,
xoxo Tabi


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